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Tianjin People’s bank card is not cheated 110 thousand secret bank card fraudulent chain of crime in June this year, Mr. Lee, who lives in the District of Baodi bank card stolen approached $110 thousand. Surprisingly, not through the network security department found clues, he didn’t know that their money is brushed, during which the bank card is never off. This is how to do it? And how to prevent such violations? The reporter interviewed the Tianjin Municipal Public Security Bureau network security corps investigation detachment commander Ju Xiaojun, let him in detail about this is the typical "illegal acquisition and control of citizens, mobile phone sales, illegal access to personal information of citizens’ personal information, the crime of money laundering chain case. In May 26th this year, network security corps police found work, "123 Internet users every day to see" another netizen query illegal Citizens Bank card information, according to the clues they dig, found a relationship between criminal gangs perplexing, the gang has a fraudulent bank in Baodi area of the city Li deposit more than 10.9 yuan. The 123 day to see is one of the key figures, the police investigators called the organizers". He can not only have access to personal information channels, can provide the victims bank card, whether the transfer of funds, the balance condition of information online, and personal ID number and other key information, but also grasp the channels of money laundering, providing a variety of online trading channels fraudulent bank card fraud victims for the implementation of personnel, cash money stolen. By virtue of his own hands of resources and channels to form a criminal gang, fraudulent industry chain through a complete network, trying to unnoticed from the hands of the victim from the large amount of money. To fraudulent bank card, first of all need to get his personal information. "The organizer" in Guangxi and "free fish", the latter with "send a large number of school paper" Trojan link message, Lee was delayed after automatically upload his mobile phone mail list, SMS, equipment and other personal information to the "free fish" ready for the mailbox. At this point, Lee has become the target of criminal gangs. Lee’s cell phone number and bank card after the four information to the hands of the criminal gangs, but also need to complete his bank card information to brush. "The organizer" contact in Sichuan "Jiang Wen", and provides Lee’s personal information to him, "Jiang Wen" to restore the complete information of Lee bank card, to each other and received 350 yuan query cost. At this point, mastered the name of Lee, identity card number, cell phone number and bank account, four large pieces of information, the distance from his bank card fraud is also a step away – the use of Trojan control of his cell phone. Went to the "free fish" appearance, he through the control of the illegal control of mobile phone Trojan victim, the victim to intercept the normal communication, so that the victim can not timely check the bank funds change information, create the conditions for the fraudulent. As a result, fraudulent group have everything, but this is not the end of it, because they still lack a man to steal the money to "clean". Guangxi netizen "doomed alone" is a full-time "material washing people". What is the "wash material"? Taobao shopping platform through false shopping,.相关的主题文章: