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Travel-and-Leisure Historical Sites in Palm Springs Palm Springs has plenty to offer tourists- lots of great outdoor activities, many family friendly resorts as well as historical sites which pay tribute to its cultural heritage. The Agua Caliente Indians were among the first people to settle down in the area, and even today they are actively involved with the development of Palm Springs. Tourists can take a guide and have fun exploring the ancient palm groves, streams, waterfalls and terrain of the Indian Canyons and visit the Agua Caliente Cultural Museum to learn more about their culture. The Desert Memorial Park is also a must see as it is the final resting place of many famous celebrities of our times like Frank Sinatra, Frederick Loewe and Sonny Bono. The O Donnell House Historic Tour is an interesting 90 minute tour which shows the history of Palm Springs, set in a house built in 1925. A good collection of furnishings, pottery and unique furniture can be viewed. Those who are keen on the culture of those times should not miss visiting this site. Palm Springs Must Try Outdoor Activities Palm Springs is the best vacation spot for adventure lovers, nature lovers and for those who like exploring never seen before land. There are a wide variety of flowers, yuccas and cactus blooms that can be spotted in the desert. If you wish to see many more such plants, simply head to the Joshua Tree National Park or the Moorten Botanical Gardens where over 3,000 kinds of desert plants can be viewed at leisure. Hikers will enjoy the canyons, streams and 100 miles of hiking trails which can also be found in the Santa Rosa and San Jacinto Mountains. Tourists can even reach the summit of the San Jacinto Mountains by taking the Aerial Tramway. Tourists can also opt for a geology tour around the canyons of the San Andreas Fault where bird lovers can see different species of birds. The Sonny Bono National Wildlife Refuge is also home to different species of birds including endangered birds. Adventure lovers will enjoy indulging in a bit of rock climbing, horseback riding and mountain biking in the rough terrain. Luxury Palm Springs Vacation Rental Homes A luxury villa or a condo in Palm Springs is the perfect location for a special occasion to celebrate like a family get-together or even a reunion with old friends. Palm Springs is home to some great vacation rentals which are high on privacy and other luxury facilities too. The California Way is a spacious property which includes three abodes adding up to a total of 8 bedrooms and 5 bathrooms. There are lush green grounds for exploring, 2 large pools for fun and all the rooms are comfortable and well designed. If you are part of a smaller group, then check out the Alexander Home with a 3 bedroom, 2 bathroom, pool, spa and Internet facility retreat. This retreat is located in a quiet neighborhood and pets are allowed too. For a modern twist in luxury and comfort, stay at the Orange Crush situated in Twin Palms and which is located nearby some great outdoor activity spots. Friends and family members up to six in number can stay together in the 3 bedroom home as well. Must visit Palm Springs RV Parks If you are interested in camping with your family, then Palm Springs has some great RV parks. Many such parks located throughout Palm Springs offer different facilities that the whole family will love. Just a short distance from the main Downtown area and at the base of the San Jacinto Mountains is the happy Traveler RV Park. Besides offering spectacular views of the mountains, there are plenty of renowned restaurants, shops and other famous attractions located nearby. Guests can look forward to plenty of privacy and amenities like picnic tables and cable TV. For a relaxed camping experience, simply head to the Catalina Spa & RV Park. They have plenty of facilities like two pools, two mineral spas, miniature golf courses and great meals to offer guests. There are plenty of beautiful flowers and plants which surround the park making it a favorite with tourists. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: