To commemorate the 20 anniversary of the promulgation of the law on the protection of the rights and hamimelon

To commemorate the rights and interests of the Elderly Security Law promulgated 20 Anniversary Symposium held in Beijing Xinhua news agency in Beijing in October 9, to commemorate the "security law" the rights and interests of the elderly in People’s Republic of China promulgated 20 Anniversary Symposium 9 (statutory old festival) held in beijing. Wang Shengjun, vice chairman of the National People’s Congress Standing Committee, State Councilor and director of the National Commission for aging, attended the meeting and delivered a speech on behalf of the Chinese people’s Congress (NPC), vice chairman of the Standing Committee of the National People’s Congress (NPC), and. Wang Shengjun pointed out that the degree of population aging in China is growing, in response to the population aging is difficult and heavy task, should seriously study and implement the spirit of the Party Central Committee and general secretary Xi Jinping important speech, and actively carry out actions to cope with an aging population, for our country to deal with the deep aging win strategic opportunities. We must unswervingly follow the road of rule of law with Chinese characteristics, and further the development of the cause of the elderly into the rule of law, and comprehensively promote the implementation of laws and regulations on the protection of rights and interests of the elderly. Wang Yong stressed, should fully understand the significance of positive response to population aging, protect the rights and interests of the elderly, thoroughly implement the general secretary Xi Jinping series of important speech and the Party Central Committee and the State Council on aging work deployment requirements, strengthen organizational leadership, strengthen the rights of the elderly protection law and other laws and regulations to implement efforts to improve the aged society security and service level, expand the social participation of the elderly, to create a strong atmosphere of respecting and loving HelpAge the whole society. The meeting by the National People’s Congress Secretary Chairman Ma (presided over the text beside gamma).相关的主题文章: