To mavic open space Xinjiang released inspir 2 and Wizard Pro UAV 4 nrf905

To Mavic open space? Xinjiang released Inspir 2 and 4 Pro elf UAV Sina digital news November 16th morning news, Xinjiang in Losangeles officially released the "Enlightenment" of Inspire 2 and Phantom 4 Pro two elf UAV products, in addition, also launched a new meditation Zenmuse X4S, X5S camera and Crystalsky display highlighting. Xinjiang new conference Inspire 2 "Enlightenment" as a professional film and television aerial new platform, suitable for high-end movies, video creators use. 4 elf Phantom Pro is currently the consumer aerial Xinjiang wizard series maximum configuration of uav. Inspire 2 after a lapse of two years, enlightenment series has finally been updated, compared with Inspire 1, Inspire 2 is not expected to join the FlightAutonomy system with active obstacle avoidance capabilities. In terms of power has also been improved, 0-80km h acceleration time is only 4 seconds, the maximum flight speed of up to 108km h, the maximum decline rate of up to 9m s. In terms of endurance, Inspire 2 self heating battery nominal flight time of up to 31 minutes. 4 Pro compared to 4 elf elf, elf 4 new Pro infrared sensor rear vision sensor and on both sides of the fuselage, with 5 to 4 to the environment recognition and obstacle avoidance ability. The use of titanium alloy material in the configuration of the camera after the weight is almost flat with the wizard 4. Equipped with 20 million pixel camera, support 4K 60fps video recording. In summary, the new wizard 4 Pro active obstacle avoidance ability to stabilize the camera has also been enhanced, but the price has climbed to $9999. The official video: high brightness display in addition to publishing the "Enlightenment" of Inspire 2 and Phantom 4 Pro two elf UAV, Zenmuse X4S, X5S and Zen two cameras, Xinjiang also launched a Crystalsky highlight display, can display images in bright light. It is worth mentioning that, this time, Xinjiang and other parts of the UAV and camera spin off to sell, such a way to give high-end professional users greater choice. In terms of price, price of Phantom 4 Pro in China was 9999 yuan (collocation standard remote); "Enlightenment" Inspire 2 China priced at 19999 yuan, Zen X4S PTZ camera price 3999 yuan, Zen X5S PTZ camera price 12499 yuan. With immediate effect, Xinjiang official mall and Shenzhen, Seoul, Hongkong flagship store began to accept reservations. Comment: Sina in the movie "Mermaid" Deng Chao sings: "Invincible is so lonely". Xinjiang will be held in Beijing next Tuesday, a domestic conference, when you continue to focus on Sina digital to bring you the report and follow-up evaluation.相关的主题文章: