Toshiba semiconductor market in China rose again in the first half of 2016 profit forecast – Sohu Te onavo protect

Chinese semiconductor market booming Toshiba once again raised the estimate – half profit of 2016 Sohu technology according to Bloomberg reports, benefiting from revenue growth in the storage chip and hard disk business, work with the austerity program, Japan’s largest semiconductor manufacturing company Toshiba (Toshiba) in 31, the company 2016 in the first half of the year (from April to September the expected operating profit) increased by 36%, to 95 billion yen, seems to have been completely out of the past caused by false accounting business downturn. According to reports, Toshiba said in a statement, in addition to the expected benefits of business by the first half of 2016, also a slight increase in the first half of the expected revenue, up to 2 trillion and 580 billion yen from 2 trillion and 550 billion yen. According to the statistical data compiled by Bloomberg show, market analysts on average expected, Toshiba in the first half of 2016 operating profit of 62 billion yen, revenues of 2 trillion and 570 billion yen, while Toshiba’s statement was significantly higher than market expectations. Therefore, driven by this news, Toshiba shares rose 1.4% on the Tokyo stock exchange in 31. According to the plan, Toshiba will be released in 2016 in the first half of the company’s earnings in the first half of November 11th. This is since August 2016, Toshiba raised the expected revenue for the second time. Before, Toshiba once at the end of September 2016 the first half performance is expected to rise, and it is expected in the 6 quarter for the first time to achieve profit condition, this was due to the good sales of Chinese semiconductor market. Toshiba before the first half of 2016 operating profit increased from 30 billion yen to 70 billion yen, and the revenue expected from 2 trillion and 470 billion yen to 2 trillion and 550 billion yen, raising the level of. Industry analysts pointed out that, due to the recent introduction of China’s smart phone manufacturers actively large capacity memory models, so driven by Toshiba’s main business NAND flash sales. In addition, the end of the sales opportunities are also driving demand for computer and game consoles grow. Moreover, the implementation of Toshiba in 2015 so far the control plan, has total layoffs of more than 14 thousand employees, the fixed costs have been reduced. And through the sale of white goods and part of the semiconductor business, allows the company to accelerate business restructuring, make the financial situation gradually stabilized. In fact, Toshiba is Japan’s largest semiconductor manufacturer, is also the second largest integrated motor manufacturers. The company admitted in 2015, in the back to 2008 earnings in the books, the occurrence of false profits. Because of the incident, but also makes Toshiba’s top three presidents, including Tanaka Kuxiong, Sasaki Norio, and so on have resigned, and another director also resigned with the resignation of 8. This event not only shocked the Japanese industry, but also because of the amount involved is huge, the time is also very long, Toshiba over the past few quarters lead to tight financial situation is serious. (source: Flickr Selka CC named BY 2)相关的主题文章: