Toxic Home That Put Me In A Wheel

Alternative In this first article in a series of 17, Id like to tell you how I ended up sick and mostly bedridden and sometimes even needing a wheelchair, because I dont want you to have to suffer from the same thing that I and others have had to. Im now a ski bum and able to do whatever I choose! That includes taking my first indoor sky diving class this past year; and paragliding is next on my list of things to do. I also believe what got me out of the wheel chair could have prevented my husbands cancer and saved his life. Could it do the same for you and your family? Worst case, it would at least remove a huge block to healing that would then allow other therapies youre doing to work effectively and also neutralize hidden dangers and toxins youre now constantly exposed to. Ive created a series of short articles and videos describing what put me in the wheel chair and also what got me out of the wheel chair & healthier now in my mid-60s than I was in my 40s & soon I expect my 30s! I want to give you the Health Secrets to my success! This invisible energy that is so toxic and so powerful that it put me in the wheel chair is something that is in your home & every home and building in every civilized country in the world. This is nothing new; its just gotten much stronger and more toxic. But most Americans have never even heard of this yet, but I plan to change that. Are you as healthy as youd like to be or do you feel like something is missing or keeping you from leading the healthy and joyful life you KNOW is possible for you? What I developed works, because my life depended upon it. Does your life? These articles and my videos describe what killed my husband, made me sick and put me in a wheel chair. They also describe what Ive learned and the system Ive developed that has healed me and others and can also help you. Each one answers an important question that doctors and clients have asked me over the years. Theyre designed to teach you about the powerful energetic techniques that have made my life worth living again – and can do the same for you! If youd like to see the entire series of free videos to learn more about this mysterious and deadly health hazard, how its affecting your life, and how to change your life, then go to for free access to all of my videos and an opportunity to ask me whatever questions you would like. Karen Y. Mileson Energetics International, Inc. [email protected] About the Author: Sick House survivor, Karen Mileson, has been a researcher and practitioner in the natural health field for over 40 years. She is also a wellness coach and the author of a book entitled: Our Energetic Evolution in Healing: The Secrets to Surviving the Unseen Forces That are Killing You. Karen has learned about healing the hard way, from her life-or-death search to uncover the mysterious cause of her husband’s cancer and subsequent death and its connection to her previous illness, ranging from extreme fatigue to severe neurological symptoms. Her struggle to survive led to the startling discovery of the source of these unseen life-threatening forces lurking in her home that many doctors believe can cause cancer, multiple sclerosis and Article Published On: ..articlesnatch.. – Alternative 相关的主题文章: