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Trone general Tang granddaughter back video popular media that shocked the original title: General Trone granddaughter back Tang popular video media: shocked the election in 2016 ended, the results surprised so many Americans, Trump was elected as the forty-fifth president of the United states. Although during the campaign, Trump China seems not very friendly, but his 4 year old granddaughter, is the famous New York socialite Ivanka Trump’s daughter Arabella (Arabella) said it would Chinese is small! Trump Tang on China granddaughter back in the new year this year, the Lunar New Year is approaching, Ivanka Trump 34 years old (Ivanka Trump) on her Instagram to share her 4 year old daughter Arabella Chinese singing lovely video, to celebrate the Lunar New Year China. In the video, Arabella wore a traditional red embroidered costume and sang a Chinese poem in chinese. How about coming to see her Chinese? Video screenshot not only speaks Chinese well Chinese characters written by Bang Bang Da early in March this year, the British "Daily Mail" reported on the afternoon of 30, Ivanka pulling a 4 year old daughter in Arbil, one hand holding a two-year-old son Joseph, from school and take them home. The eldest daughter also took a few pictures in his hand, it seems to have just finished school. Sharp eyed small note, one painted butterflies and trees, and in the side with the words "Chinese tree" and "butterfly". In the paper the top also use pens to write with Chinese pinyin "Chun Tian". This general painting works more than Chinese characters from the granddaughter video and Trump granddaughter, at least Trump is to support his family to learn chinese. But again, learning Chinese is a trend, not to mention such a family like Trump, how can we lag behind the world in this regard! Source: Oriental editor: Zhang Dong相关的主题文章: