Trump speech was forced to pull down emergency agents zhongguorentiyishu

Trump’s speech was down a comprehensive emergency agent "New York post" "Daily Mail" and other media reports, local time on Saturday, three days before the US presidential election day, Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump in Reno, Nevada, held a campaign rally, was suddenly at the special security personnel emergency pull down, because they find a protester threat in the crowd. Security staff while pulling Trump walk, shouting "Go! Go! ", the local police and private security guards arrested protesters. Two security guards grabbed Trump’s shoulder and sent him backstage. But a few minutes later, Trump returned to the scene to continue his campaign speech, and said "I am very grateful to the United States Secret Service, and Reno, Nevada, law enforcement departments, their professional and fast reaction. I would also like to thank the audience for their unwavering unwavering support. Nothing can stop us, we will make America strong again." The picture shows that the protest was taken away by a group of police men, his hands were locked behind. The scene was also a burst of screaming.相关的主题文章: