Turn around the company 27 million yuan stand by me shinee

Go to the company 27 million yuan transferred to Liu Guangji admitted that the company 27 million yuan according to the judge, Liu Guangji admitted in the interrogation in the first time through online banking transfers are Sichuan Seed Co. Ltd. on account of 27 million yuan, but on the other refused to cooperate with the investigation, or refuses to talk about, or denied. Investigators in the face of Liu Guangji, inventory of his belongings, were sealed, including three mobile phones, part of the property, etc.. In view of Liu Guangji’s mobile phone there is a lot of evidence in this case, the court shall be seized on his mobile phone. September 25th at 4:30 in the afternoon, after the completion of the relevant judicial procedures, according to the law will be transferred to the detention center in Chengdu detention center Liu Guangji. The Liu Guangji case involving a number of court supervision of the Chengdu intermediate people’s court 26, Chengdu intermediate people’s Court of the Executive Bureau of the second person in charge, the 5 implementation of the case of Liu Guangji and Sichuan are seed limited company involved were involved in four hospital in Chengdu, Qingyang high tech District Court, district court and Pengzhou court court, involving a total amount of more than 1750 yuan and have not been fulfilled, "in the course of execution, Liu Guangji refused to comply with any debt, and defy the court execution." The official pointed out that the typical and severe degree in Liu Guangji case, Chengdu intermediate people’s Court of the Executive Council at the beginning of September will focus on the handling of cases in this group of cases as the court against "Laolai". The official also said that in the early implementation, Liu Guangji has refused to cooperate with the implementation, and openly turn 27 million cash, in the case of the court repeatedly summoned, still take evasive attitude. The court has also implemented a new district, including the investigation letter to the public offering and other measures, did not find the whereabouts of Liu Guangji. And in this case, Liu Guangji is still open access to other courts in Chengdu, and photos posted on the Internet, causing social misunderstanding.相关的主题文章: