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The volume · lover [Abstract] in the ears to listen, like many years ago on the distant cry, now the mountain to echo out. If we stand at the edge of the cliff long enough to hear the echoes of past lives? If you can, whether is a distinguishable secret language? This paper from the "secret language", Jian Zheng, Kyushu press, November 2016 [] one of the lovers meet, like the first snow. I have no warm clothes, but feel warm from your eyes under the eyes. [two of the lovers] the snow melts into a lively river, and there is a shepherd in the distance. I am ready to travel in a water plant, constantly waving to you. Valentine’s three thin sea in the sea, a tropical feeling. Fish is a postman, starfish is no shortage of stamps, you’re hiding in a cave which I will find. When you don’t have the coral under house arrest, begged me to. Four of the lover, the northwest, there is not because of the wrath of the herd animal husbandry, is too short. There is thunder sky, not to destroy, as is the rain. If you insist on howling in the northwest, I will build a rainbow in the southeast, waiting for you to cross the bridge. [five of the lover] the Dutch disc even, do not have to come to see me, the season naturally have your message. If you like, please find a bearing disc commit statement, one day I will go through the pond, you. [six] Valentine’s song and Song Jiang, didn’t expect to meet you, you are my face long after the tired. Always think of that one after the static River, as well as our fishing. Ten in the cloud of intersection, what is not much to say. Introduction a "language", Jian Zheng, Kyushu press, 2016.11 book is Jian Zheng writing career only sketch thirty years, divided into "seven seasons" and "one of the three thousand world" and "water clues" in three parts. The "seven season" is Jian Zheng’s only comedy anthology, in this column, Jian Zheng look at the universe of 1,000,000,000 universes with the unique vision, is happy in life, numerous living beings in the fuel. "One of the three thousand world" is Jian Zheng in the garden even several days after the stone stream, attitude, observation of stone stone texture resolution, for a long time, can feel the emotion hidden concealed stone consciousness, heard the rain story, then writing seventy-four essays. A total of nearly twenty years to sketch, short sieve into a small pile, rustling, sigh with old friends and new symphony. To the ear, like many years ago on the distant cry, now the mountain to echo out. (the Tencent culture content partners, signing shall not be reproduced without permission)相关的主题文章: