Wang Yi the South China Sea to non military region outside the country to work together-isobuster

Wang Yi: the South China Sea to non military region outside the country to work in February 17, 2016, foreign minister Wang Yi in Beijing with Australian Foreign Minister Bishop held diplomatic and strategic dialogue Australia third met with reporters after. Wang Yi is a reporter asked China to indicate the position in the South China Sea Islands military facilities. Wang Yi said, China deployed limited, necessary defense facilities in the Nansha islands garrison, is exercised in accordance with international law any sovereign state right of self preservation and self-defense, without rebuke, has nothing to do with the military. I hope the media pay more attention to the lighthouse in the China stationed reef has been built, and the upcoming construction of meteorological observation, forecast fishing shelter emergency emergency facilities, this is the largest Chinese as the South China Sea coastal state for the international community to provide public service products. Wang Yi stressed that the demilitarization of the interests of all parties, but non military not only for a single country, nor the implementation of double or multiple standards. The South China Sea is non military needs related countries in and outside the region to make a try. We note that the U.S. – ASEAN leaders meeting just concluded a joint statement. The United States and ASEAN committed demilitarized, hope this commitment can do. Editor: Chen Yan SN225

王毅:南海非军事化需要域内外国家一道努力   2016年2月17日,外交部长王毅在北京与澳大利亚外长毕晓普举行第三轮中澳外交与战略对话后共同会见记者。王毅就记者询问中方在南海岛礁的军事设施表明了立场。   王毅表示,中方在驻守的有关南沙岛礁上部署有限、必要的防卫设施,是行使根据国际法赋予任何主权国家的自保 权和自卫权,无可非议,与军事化无关。希望媒体更多关注中国在驻守岛礁上已经建成的灯塔,以及即将建设的气象观察预报、渔船避风救险应急设施,这是中国作为南海最大沿岸国为国际社会提供的公共服务产品。   王毅强调,非军事化符合各方利益,但非军事化不能仅仅针对单一国家,也不能实施双重或多重标准。南海非军事化需要有关域内和域外国家一道作出努力。我们注意到刚刚结束的美国-东盟领导人非正式会议联合声明。美方和东盟承诺实施非军事化,希望这一承诺说到做到。 责任编辑:陈琰 SN225相关的主题文章: