Water park to respond to staff violent assault elderly swimmers event guitarpro5

The water park in response to staff "violent assault elderly swimmer" event today, a "Tianjin water park staff violence elderly swimmer record" video on the network crazy pass, in the video, a fierce conflict corner of the water park staff and wild swimmers, finally collision upgrade to the body. What the hell is going on here? If so, the impact is too bad, for this reporter conducted an investigation! According to insiders revealed that the video was shot under the conflict is not accidental, the morning of September 23rd, the water winter swimming club WeChat group, received three such content: 1, "notice, since the beginning of July this year, the water park is the first responsible person, making public opinion through the media ban swimming, then began to prohibit swimming in the water park. Two months, take a variety of unusual means of swimming ban. We did not swim with their theory. Since entering in September, the park has been constantly renovating the swimming ban to achieve the purpose of prohibiting swimming. In order to safeguard the legitimate rights and interests of our citizens, the implementation of national fitness strategy, adhere to the national swimming fitness, and create a happy life. For winter swimming club water swimming all the friends, on the morning of September 25th 10, the East Lake water park, collective water swimming friends; we said to the swimming people protested to the zoo can swim. Do not use uncivilized language in the course of our launching; prohibit conflict with security personnel." 2, "well, if they get rid of the 7:30 with the previous Winter Swimming Association agreed at the end of the East Lake swimming agreement, new way that we start for winter 10:00." 3, I hope like swimming in the natural waters of the swimmers together to actively participate in the morning of 25 at the big action of 10!" In September 25th 9:30, the water park East Lake three landscape stone and a two island ferry gathered about 300 more than Mingye swimming enthusiasts. It is understood that in the morning, fans hanging in the two winter swimming team signature banner protest island culture square, Allegro rap about winter. And there are some lovers, jumped into the water of the existing cruise ship, very dangerous. For this event, the reporter interviewed the water park management, service supervision department director Song said, a video circulating on the network there is no staff interpret out of context, beating behavior, just trying to be seized and turned over to the public security enthusiasts. Director of the Song Dynasty explained that the conflict in the video site is in the east of East Lake. At that time, there are more than 10 booing winter swimming club staff, security personnel forcibly break up against the wall, in the face of security team resolutely blocking, in which 1 officers will be angry, security guards face scratched, and fierce clashes. Director of the Song Dynasty also said that in the two East Lake Island ferry, beating more than 10 winter swimming club members will be 3 security guards wrestled to the ground by. There is a swimming club of the old man, his hands arm with the old wound, also for its associates to cheer, participate in the security guards of the siege, causing the old rupture, Fanwu injured by security guards. Until noon 11:55 minutes, up to 2 hours of intense confrontation ended, the park returned to normal operations. Video circulated on the Internet, Song said the director of the video transmission相关的主题文章: