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We don’t eat any more! Remember to give these nutrients to her husband! The original mother – Sohu, welcome to share personal media forwarding, reproduced please contact the author. The author Dr. dove air863 is not prepared pregnant, or pregnant, we are in the habit of the men excluded. We prepared from the beginning of pregnancy, they began to say that they add a variety of nutrients, in the face of her husband often only a simple "quit smoking and drinking," I do not know what to say. After pregnancy, the mother to eat well, the baby can be more healthy, as to what my father does not matter. Before pregnancy, mom and dad are really healthy baby to eat. How to just one person to eat, so likely healthy baby play great discount. During pregnancy, men need to add what nutrients? Protein is an important component of the cell, but also the raw material for the production of sperm. Adequate protein, can improve the quantity and quality of sperm. Some of the fatty acids in proteins can only be supplemented by food and cannot be synthesized by themselves. Therefore, simply rely on their own synthesis of protein is unrealistic. Lean meat, milk, eggs, salmon and other food contains a large number of high quality protein. Pregnant mothers can eat more, to ensure their own protein nutrition. Adequate vitamin and vitamin nutrition is beneficial to improve the survival rate of male sperm. Basically seasonal fruits and vegetables are rich in vitamins, so that dads can eat some fresh fruits in season. Do not because they do not have this habit before pregnancy when it does not matter. Trace elements and minerals in the human body trace elements and minerals for male fertility is a great help. Minerals are of great help to improve sperm motility and fertilization. However, trace elements and minerals are not required to be added, high vitamin foods are basically rich in trace elements and minerals. Daily life can also be considered to eat some marine food. Many people just want to add a variety of nutrients, but the most basic energy to forget. The most important function of energy is to make other nutrients to be successful. The main source of energy is a variety of diet, including Steamed Rice, grain etc.. If the body energy is insufficient, it will directly affect the absorption of other elements. During pregnancy, mothers in their own nutrition supplement at the same time, do not forget the future of his father! During pregnancy, the child his father to supplement nutrition, and their nutritional supplements are equally important! Do not eat good things themselves, in order to children, how much to stay, right?! Hehe ~ ~相关的主题文章: