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What is chocolate cyst? Sohu as a healthy chocolate cyst of gynecological disease in women of childbearing age population in the high incidence of ovarian chocolate cyst also known as ovarian endometriosis cyst (EMcO), chocolate cyst is a common type of endometriosis, uterine cavity of ectopic endometrium in ovarian cyst formation in growth. Because the cystic fluid was named after the color of chocolate. A cyst is a mass but not a tumor". The genesis of chocolate cyst is a kind of pathological change of endometriosis. It is due to the formation of ectopic endometrial tissue changes to the ovary with ovarian hormones and periodic bleeding, fibrous tissue hyperplasia and conglutination with surrounding, even in the ward area appear purple brown spots and vesicles, and finally developed into the size of the nodules or masses. If endometrial debris shedding menses, with blood reflux through the fallopian tube into the pelvic cavity, planted in other parts of the surface of the ovary or pelvic cyst formation, and the ectopic endometrial is influenced by sex hormones, with menstrual cycle repeated shedding hemorrhage, such as disease occurred in the ovary, each menstrual period is local have bleeding, make ovarian increase, the formation of old blood containing cysts, the old brown blood, such as sticky paste, like chocolate, so called "chocolate cyst". What symptom does chocolate cyst appear? 1, there will be dysmenorrhea, especially dysmenorrhea increased year by year, or from scratch. 2 of the 67% patients suffering from infertility, endometriosis, probably due to endometriosis caused by pelvic adhesions, tubal adhesions lead to affected fallopian tube patency; 3, will not affect the ovarian function and ovulation; also produce many inflammatory factors affecting normal pregnancy. 4, part of the patients with endometriosis, sexual life when the lower abdomen often have pain, sexual intercourse pain, pain cycle. 5, if the impact of ovarian function, can cause irregular menstruation. 6, chocolate cyst grow to a certain extent, it is possible to find rupture, a side abdominal pain, or light or heavy, severe patients need emergency surgery. In recent years, the diagnosis rate of ovarian chocolate cyst is obviously improved, and the application of laparoscopy makes the diagnosis more advanced and more effective. Clinical use of the treatment with pantoprazole is effective. However, due to the majority of such drugs in the liver metabolism, long-term use can lead to elevated liver enzymes, resulting in weight gain after treatment, hairy and other adverse reactions,. Mifepristone is also used in the adjuvant treatment of chocolate cyst, the clinical application of Chinese medicine is cheaper, no damage to the liver. When chocolate cyst diameter greater than 1cm can not be treated with drugs to eliminate. Therefore, early detection and diagnosis of ovarian chocolate cyst and the corresponding operation and drug treatment is to maintain the ovarian function, prevention and treatment of infertility. Deputy director of the Zhang Lei Tsinghua doctors in Beijing Chang Gung Memorial Hospital of Obstetrics and gynecology at gynecological diseases of endocrine sexual function of female pelvic floor function infertility assisted reproductive technology clinic on Monday afternoon, Thursday morning, Friday morning I long相关的主题文章: