What is the difference between the speed limit and the speed limit in Germany-申威1600

The German high-speed speed limit is due to what is different about the domestic vehicle speed stability is decided by what should be a lot of people have heard, many German highway is not limited to speed or speed, they will in some special sections. Said the ten car accident nine times fast, why the German highway can do without speed limit? 1, and the German car related to the world’s many major brands of car prices, are in Germany, Germany has a profound car culture. And their cars, superior performance, high security, the majority of people in Germany, Germany is the Department of cars. German cars running on the road, even if the speed of more than 120km h, the car will not be like the Japanese car as the feeling of light, the car’s grip is very good, very high sensitivity to brake. 2, the road is good because the development of early, although the experience of the two World War, but the German domestic construction is quite good. The road is spacious and clean, and because the Germans rigorous style, do not have to worry about the road appears bean curd residue project. 3, the Germans have the quality of driving, observe the traffic rules do not speed limit, more importantly, and the driver’s driving quality. When the Germans get a driver’s license, in addition to training driving skills, but also pay attention to the norms and quality of student training. On the highway, the ambulance passed, the Germans will immediately take the initiative to let go of the channel, emergency Lane will not be occupied. Have to say, people drive quality, really high. 4, the formation of a tacit understanding of the car in Germany on the road, before the car from the rearview mirror to see the car faster than their own speed, will take the initiative to let debut, let the car after the past. Let the train express, this is where they. It is for these reasons, many of them even if the speed limit, the accident rate is low.相关的主题文章: