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What is the sign of the natural childbirth parturient? What to do to prepare? – Sohu child labor moment, make mothers feel very happy, very excited, but at the same time, they will have some anxiety and discomfort, do not know when there will be some what delivery conditions, especially in "what is the sign of it? How can you know if you were born?" and so on are all mothers are more concerned about, so they are more worried about their ability to successfully complete the production. Now, let’s learn how to live this important moment in our lives. ? what is the sign of the natural childbirth parturient? Beijing Taiwan maternity hospital obstetric doctors, in the pre production period of a month, the changes in hormone levels in pregnant women of the excitatory cells in uterine muscle increased. Some pregnant women will appear irregular uterine contractions, sometimes a few minutes at a time, sometimes more than half an hour only once, each contraction within 30 minutes of time, not gradually, but gradually weakened and disappeared, the cervix does not open, the condition is called "false labor". Pregnant women feel only a slight drop in the lower abdomen. It often occurs during the day and disappeared in the night, so that pregnant women sleep is not good. False labor can go home for a rest, the accumulation of energy. False labor can not make the cervical dilatation, but can make the cervical softening, preparing for cervical dilatation. The doctor pointed out that labor is the main symbol of the contraction of the uterus, namely: two uterine contraction interval of 5-6 minutes, lasted at least 20-30 seconds and have a certain strength. Uterine, stomach and hard to feel maternal. With the progress of labor, uterine contraction time increases gradually, and shorten the time interval. At the same time, the cervix of the uterus gradually expanded, and the fetal head continued to fall. Normal primipara is expected to be within 14 ~ 18 hours of full opening and delivery. Warm reminder of a lot of pregnant women before and after the birth of a considerable period of tension, worry about not being able to control the hospital delivery time. In fact, there is a specific formal labor mark. When you have one of the following circumstances, can go to the hospital to be produced. The law of abdominal pain: when regular uterine contraction is when you feel the pain of. The broken water: usually in the uterine membrane dramatic rupture of fetal fast delivery time, the amniotic fluid outflow from the vagina to can’t help. For example, the risk of infection will be greatly increased if the rupture time is not more than 24 hours. Therefore, once the occurrence of rupture of membranes, should immediately go to the hospital. In Beijing? Birth should choose which hospital? Beijing Taiwan maternity hospital doctors said, Beijing has a number of Taiwan maternity hospital obstetric doctors, experienced obstetricians, for each maternal birth, can provide birth, perinatal care. The hospital has an independent delivery room, delivery room environment, providing a good environment for the production of each woman. [recommended] family delivery mode of delivery, labor production one-stop service, family delivery projects to family warm environment to dilute the medical atmosphere, maternal from "expecting" to "production" to "restore" can have a family company, so as to promote the smooth delivery, conducive to maternal physical recovery. [recommended] Doula delivery mode selection of taiwan.相关的主题文章: