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What time should the mother went to the hospital to expectant mothers hard – Sohu maternal pregnant for ten months to give birth to a healthy baby, is the last step in production. When it comes to production, a lot of expectant mothers feel terrible, because we all say that having children is a very painful thing. However, expectant mothers do not be afraid, to the moment you will feel that they are Superman, even if the pain again you will be brave production. In the production of a step, that is to be produced. Pregnancy and its appendages after full 28 weeks by maternal childbirth called normal delivery. Before childbirth, there will always be a number of symptoms to tell the prospective mother is about to produce, these symptoms are called the precursor of childbirth. Delivery aura: false labor: mothers feel abdominal waves of pain, feel the contraction duration is short, long and irregular intermittent pain, and the pain will be a little bit more, always appears in the evening, the morning disappeared again, can be sedatives inhibition. Sense of fetal decline: because of the first drop into the pelvis, the mother will feel the baby has a sense of decline, feeling more comfortable with the upper abdomen than before, the appetite will be much better, breathing lighter. To show an oppressive bladder vision, the mother will appear frequent micturition symptoms. Red: 24 hours 48 minutes later, the wall of the uterus and the separation membranes near the palace in the mouth of the pre capillary rupture of vaginal discharge, little yellow blood, and cervical mucus discharge tube mixed, called "red". If you find yourself red, it means you may be about to produce. The above three kinds of symptoms represent you will want to produce, to get ready to do labor. After three of the above symptoms, you will feel the pain of contractions is more and more intense, more and more regularly, while continuing the increasingly long time, abdominal pains are more and more tight, which means you immediately to the production. Hurry to the hospital to be produced is a pressing matter of the moment. Although the above pre delivery, but if you are the first production, so from the first to the uterus uterine opening general also experienced a few hours. So mothers do not have to be too nervous, panic, ahead of the preparatory work well, and then go to the hospital on it. If the hospital is far away, traffic inconvenience, it is best to go to the hospital early. When the contraction interval time is shortened to 10 minutes each time l, that you want to produce, this time the mother can in the delivery room waiting for the happiness, tense and exciting moment is coming. If you haven’t had time to go to the hospital to have "broken water", it is best to stay in the Trendelenburg position, then let the family put himself to the hospital, to avoid fetal accidents. How do babies born before mothers do not have too much pressure, don’t worry, anxious mood, treat the production must be calm. You can practice some of the action with the delivery, master the breath during childbirth, relaxation and contraction of the muscles of the essentials. It is even more important to prepare some of the necessary items before the due date, especially for the first time, so it can be avoided by accident相关的主题文章: