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What’s special about the new AirPods headphones? Sohu, science and technology [Technews] to deal with science news iPhone 7 removed the trouble of Apple headset hole in the box, attached to the Lightning version of the EarPods headset, and a Lightning to 3.5mm adapter. In addition, in fact, Apple has also launched a wireless headset AirPods, however, this headset can bring what kind of experience? Location is like a iPod like iPod, AirPods is a very unique product Apple: unique appearance, high price, function and market similar products, but with Apple’s own exclusive mode of operation, at the same time, do not forget to leave a few shortcomings is not so easy to inspire Hater. Overall, the relationship between AirPods and other wireless headset, in fact, with the original iPod and a public MP3 products similar. It’s not the best product, but it’s unique enough to spark some curiosity. AirPods is not the same as many people guess, and did not use the exclusive transmission protocol, but still use Bluetooth, and then join other software adjustments. Before use, the user must have the Apple Watch, iOS devices and Mac are upgraded to the latest version, then put the headset on the charging box near the Apple device, it automatically paired. When the user to switch to other tools, such as from iPhone to Mac, AirPods will automatically identify the source of their own switching. Apple’s design director Jony Ive pointed out that everything is automatically connected to the wireless, apple is the future of wireless. AirPods no buttons, only way is tap two, open Siri, and then let the Siri to change or adjust the volume. Because there is no switch, so the design of the AirPods is through infrared sensing, when the user put on the automatic opening, automatically shut down when off. In order to deal with these control and matching procedures, Apple’s first design of a TSMC’s wireless communication chip W1. The chip will be Apple’s plan to spend several years, slowly developing wireless future core. The basic appearance is the wireless version of the EarPods, but in order to match the sensor, some more new openings. (Source: Apple) said John Ternus, apple Mac, vice president of the iPad ecosystem is surveyed in the conference, W1 is the core of the work, to effectively solve the Bluetooth connection is not good, common bandwidth poor quality problems. For users, these advantages will be shown in the pairing and switching speed and stability. Due to the need to use the latest version of the operating system, apparently in watchOS 3, iOS 10 and macOS Sierra, hidden some apple does not intend to explain the connection settings, or perhaps this newspaper相关的主题文章: