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News-and-Society Princess Diana married into royalty on a wedding of the century that captured the imagination of people around the world. Not exactly a rags to riches girl or a Cinderella story as Princes Diana was a royalty herself, but it was enough to be the stuff of romance and fairy tale come true on national TV. And when she died in 1997 from a quasi "cloak and dagger" chase in a French tunnel culminating in a horrific crash, her death has become game to all sorts of intrigues and conspiracies that has achieved near cult status. Pointing to Murder: The question is a natural when one traces her unmistakable descent from a fairytale princess wedded to the incoming monarch of England down to a divorced Lady scorned by the royal family that never really warmed up to her and instead, caused no end to her private miseries. Insider information from people close to the Lady Diana intimated about her constant fears and suspicion during her last 3 years that the royal family wanted her dead. A close friend, Simone Simmons, 46, had testified before Scotland Yard that the princess had a car accident in 1995 caused by brake failure that really shook her up and spawned suspicions they someone had tampered with the car’s brakes. The London Mirror also had an article which claims that Diana wrote down on a note that Charles might be on a plot to kill her from a similar accident. In 1997, her death from a car crash came true. The tabloid Independent reported in 2003 that Princes Diana was pregnant at the time of her deadly road accident in Paris and a palace cover-up was made days after the accident. The source didn’t speculate that her companion Dodi al-Fayed could have been the father as Prince Phillip had already divorced her and the two were no longer living together. The revelation instantly spawned conspiracy theories as the pregnancy would have been enough justification for an assassination plot by the British royal family, which Dodi’s millionaire father Mohammed al-Fayed likewise alleged. A former Princess Diana exposed as pregnant by another man could have severely embarrassed the royal family and was considered unacceptable. The condition had not been revealed as it was irrelevant to the coroner’s report on the cause of Lady Di’s death. If true, the suspicion of a conspiracy to have her killed gets more weight. There is a website that describes Princess Diana’s Death and numerous other topics of interest such as conspiracies, secret technology, ufos, secret weapons research, bible end times predictions and many other such subjects, this website is called: The Great Deception and it may be found at this url: .www.great-deception.com You may publish this article in your ezine, newsletter or on your web site as long as it is reprinted in its entirety and without modification except for formatting needs or grammar corrections. About the Author: The Great Deception ..great-deception.. 相关的主题文章: