White paper 80% of Chinese college students have had a love experience iptd-651

White paper: 80% China students have experienced love – Beijing "2016 Chinese college students love white paper": 80% of the students had Chinese love experience in new Beijing on 28 October, (Chen Su) 28, China campus love growth platform "I want to know you" Chinese University Youth Leaders Summit, Peking University campus Allen psychological counseling center jointly issued the "white paper" 2016 Chinese college students love. The report shows that the proportion of Chinese students have had a love experience of 80%. Nowadays, campus love has been very common in Chinese, in order to investigate the China students’ view of love, and hope to help college students love, "I want to know you" through the method of qualitative research and quantitative research, from the 956741 dimensions of the user platform, according to the region, school, grade and gender, 36741 college students selected system research. Survey shows that 80% of college students talked about love, of which 40% of the students love because of academic pressure, free time, boring ", 35% of the students love because you want to experience a pure love in the campus". In terms of gender differences, boys fall in love during college, the average number of 2.3 times, 1.6 girls; boys more than girls take the initiative to declare, 53% boys will choose to express, but only 17% of girls will be higher success rate in predicting expression; consumption in love, and with the deepening of the concept of equality between men and women in economic independent AA gradually popular, 32% love consumption both AA, and fully paid for by the boys accounted for only 18%. The report also shows that the more economically developed areas, the more open the concept of love students. In the sample survey, the proportion of college students in Beijing is 20%, ranking first; the proportion of college students in Nanjing, the proportion of love for the country, ranking second; Guangzhou college students love ratio was 16%, ranking at third. (end)相关的主题文章: