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White paper: China vigorously promote open justice – Beijing, Xinhua news agency, Beijing, September 12 (reporter Sun Tiexiang, Ren Ke) the State Council Information Office published on the 12 "Chinese judicial protection of human rights in the field of new progress in" the white paper pointed out that China vigorously promote open justice, the parties and the public’s right, supervision right guarantee. The white paper said that the Supreme People’s court to establish a public trial process, the referee documents open, the implementation of information disclosure three platforms. At the end of 2015, China judicial process information public network visit amounted to 878 thousand and 500 passengers; China referee network released a total of 14 million 480 thousand copies of the written judgment, the total traffic reached 410 million passengers; the implementation of information disclosure by debetor the information network released a total of 34 million 347 thousand, for the implementation of case information of 36 million 850 thousand passengers. Chinese court trial live webcast 2015 a total of 3795 live video trial. January 2016, Nora case trial in the Internet video broadcast, accumulated more than 100 people watch online. The white paper pointed out that the people’s Procuratorate of the case of information disclosure system since October 2014 officially running, as of 2015, issued a total of more than 254 pieces of case program information, case information of more than 102, more than 76 copies of effective legal documents. The white paper said that the judiciary through the press conference, the government website, micro-blog, WeChat, news client, etc., to innovate the form and content of public justice. 2015, the Supreme People’s court held a news conference 26 games, the Supreme People’s Procuratorate held a press conference in 14 games, the Ministry of public security held a press conference in the field of 12. As of 2015, the national courts were opened micro-blog account 3980, public number 1447, WeChat news client 1468, the National Prosecutors opened micro-blog account 4085, public number 3186, WeChat news client 2550, the national public security organs opened micro-blog account, WeChat public number more than 2.6 months, the judicial administrative organs at all levels the opening of micro-blog account, WeChat public number, the rule of law publicity and popularization of client website more than 8 thousand. Supreme People’s court launched the China court mobile TV application software, as of 2015, a total of 2862 video release, the content of the update amount of 22245 minutes, up to 651 thousand and 800 users.相关的主题文章: