Why can’t you let the child cry Sohu – ca1810

Why can’t you let the child cry? Sohu maternal child cry, was a common thing, but he is my parents. In the face of the child’s crying, parents tend to have the following three attitudes. First, the child crying, people panic, all kinds of coax, a variety of compromise. For a small baby, you worry about the panic and panic, may not see any problems. However, until the child is 1 years old half, with the rapid development of self consciousness, your child has learned: crying is an effective means to control parents, can, can replace any other way to communicate. Not many rules, self-centered child is so spoiled. These parents afraid of crying children, most of the misunderstanding of crying. They think that crying is not good, it will harm the child. For example, some older people will be anxious to say: "fast donghonghong, cry bad how to do?" Cry, so terrible? No, crying, in fact, the child is talking. You think, a little child, came to this strange world, their organs are so fragile. In addition to the face of Meng state, they have almost no ability to survive. Therefore, the children crying too much, too normal. It can be said that children do not cry is abnormal, wrong. Especially before the age of 1 babies, they still can not speak, crying is the only tool they brought to the world and expression. They may be hungry, may be tired, may be urine poo, may also be outside a strange sound scared. In a word, they cry in response to her mother. Mothers only need to do is to hold the child gentle and calm, but do not be too anxious to stop the child crying. He cries, you listen patiently, with your intuition, to find a way to make the child comfortable. Must remember to meditate. If you are in trouble, it is best to have the full support of your loved ones and your loved ones. Please foreign aid or. Don’t let your baby fight a lone battle alone. Really tired, you can also find time to steal a lazy, go out to stroll around, or buy buy buy. It’s possible to soothe your emotions. You are too anxious, nervous, your emotions will pass to the baby. Because at the earliest time, you and the little one is one, the symbiotic. You calm down, he will be at ease. Hello, he’ll be fine. Crying is a call to parents. Second, a child crying, adults worried. Worried about what? Worried that the child will only cry, no future. This is often seen after 2 years old children. They’re already talking. Even the vocabulary is abundant. However, it is the gift of the gab, why have things just cry? I have observed many similar examples. The answer lies in the parenting styles of these parents. Most of these children have a superior parents. These parents lack awareness and acceptance of the child’s emotions. It is not good for children to have emotions. When the child mood comes, only drink?相关的主题文章: