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Why do Chinese elites like Trump? Original title: why do Chinese elite like Trump? Author: Zhao Lingmin source: public number "world sensitivity" of the 2016 U.S. presidential election, the most surprising is that Donald · the rise of Trump Trump, no political experience, there is no political opinion, complete system often talk rubbish, dull remarks died over, don’t look very reliable, but from the 16 Republican candidate dogged in the veteran politician Hilary talent shows itself, and · caused a significant threat to Clinton. Why do so many Americans support Trump? Scholars and media unable to agree on which is right. In Chinese, Trump also has a group of loyal supporters, although they do not vote, but active in various social media, various remarks Trump is keen on collecting and interpreting and evaluating positive, even to "Trump is the Savior of mankind" this height. Compared with American supporters, China’s Trump supporters have these two special points: first, they are true to the love of Trump. Although some Americans decided to vote for Trump, but not love this man, and some very hate him, just because of anger on the status quo and selected him; and China supporters do not involve voting, no entanglement of practical interest, many simply love or recognized this man Trump; two, Trump of the United States there were high supporters recognized a considerable part of the social status, belongs to the middle, so Hilary · Clinton said they will half are "sad", "that the government and economy failed to live up to them, no one cares about them, not for their life and future, in order to change the status quo they can fling caution to the winds". China’s Trump supporters, many of whom are well educated, rational thinking, social status of the successful people and elite. On this point, you only need to know the WeChat or to look that, in those places, publicly condemned Trump’s remarks are very rare, and expressed appreciation and beautification for him There are plenty of people who. Why didn’t China’s elite oppose Trump like the American elite? There are different national conditions, different concerns, but in my opinion, the most important point is the elite growth environment is different, resulting in more China elite recognized Trump in political correctness, on issues such as counter-terrorism, Muslim opinion. Trump is one of the most criticized the behavior of his Muslim immigrants, and all sorts of women unabashedly belittle and insult, which for many of the elite by the humanitarian spirit, the sense of equality and the civil rights movement baptism, is totally unacceptable. The recent exposure of Trump insult women video, more touches the American society’s bottom line, so that the remaining elite is not much and he also made a clear distinction between the boundaries. The China elite rise in social Darwinism prevalent social atmosphere, although some expressions is not recognized by Trump, but also not so offensive, not to mention the anger and condemnation. Over the past 30 years China economic growth and social development, is in the Wei相关的主题文章: