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Why do more and more women make mistakes? Public concern number Sina micro plastic, see more exciting original content! Source: Liao Jun derailed now refers to an affair. The spirit of the derailment of women than men, physical derailment men than women. Logically speaking, how many men there are many women derailed derailed, now the relationship between men and women are more open, lured more and more opportunities, more easily exposed the weaknesses of human nature, the lack of faith in inner feelings, lack of a sense of security, everyone wants to get more love, and even fear of losing, so don’t stop transformation, looking for more objects to be satisfied. After all the emotion between men and women invisible, as long as the common sense, all right. Just want to say, the marriage of women derailed more and more? You may say that is the reality of life, all kinds of "temptation" too much; you may think is the pluralistic development of society, people more and more inclusive heart; you may think this is now the female education thought is different, more open; you can even think this is the women’s social and improvement of the economic status of them in terms of more and more enjoyed dominance. No matter how you imagine, and no matter how you guess, the man was derailed in the marriage of the moment, the woman derailed is not what is hard to say. Only a man of marital infidelity in some people, you can justify ease the work pressure, mall unspoken rule, find amusement when the occasion arises, drunken chaos and so on, as if these are the things I have to do. Inclusive of men always think the wife of others, but forget the woman is the man, also they will think that the seven emotions and six sensory pleasures, is a good husband. The reason for this is that when a woman married life feeling locked in loneliness immutable and frozen, women are like men, in the heart of curiosity and excitement that began to change to seek adventure and desire, marital infidelity. This is because women always want to get more attention and love from men, even those who have a happy marriage. 1, revenge men derailment psychology. No matter what form the protagonist derailed, of course, is men and women, hurt is certainly behind each family, some women in that their man to betray his revenge, what man can only sorry for her, it’s only fair to revenge he. 2, the temptation of money and power. Money and power is the most corrosive down everything around the face, or the right to the rich man, make women yearning, especially his men do not succeed in this, let these women for money or power, so, for money or power, is the main driving force of the temptation of female man, this is the fundamental reason of premarital women willing to take the initiative when the mistress. 3, the husband and wife are too familiar with no freshness. A long time between husband and wife, too familiar, in terms of program format, often, more and more without passion, some couples even forget the two sides as well as of this thing, but just forget the men, women can not forget, but not require their men, if appropriate in the outside the occasion)相关的主题文章: