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Satellite-TV Has your TV set been displaying steadily increasing amounts of static for some time now, especially when you are enjoying your favourite TV shows or intense cricket matches? Well, then it might be a good idea to take a look at the old aerial on the roof. As you may already know disturbances in TV signals are caused by damaged antennas in around 80% of the cases, while in the other 20%, the TV set itself is to be blamed. Indeed, it might be possible to solve the problems with TV signals, simply by replacing a damaged aerial with a new one. However, this time it would be wise to avoid spending money on an old-school analogue antenna and go for a digital TV antenna instead. How digital TV antennas will benefit you Did you know that in a few months from now, the Australian government will likely make set top boxes mandatory for all viewers? Yes, that also applies to shows on Freeview channels! On one hand, this means you won’t have any way of enjoying your favourite shows, unless you invest in a set top box. However, on the flip side, it also means you will get to enjoy true HD quality signals, provided you have a TV capable of displaying those types of images. Of course, you will also need a digital TV antenna , in order to decode the signals first. You need to get the antenna installed properly, though Buying a digital TV antenna should not be too difficult. In any major city across Australia, you are likely to find many dealers capable of providing you with the best antennas for your TV set. However, getting the aerial installed properly on the roof would be a different challenge altogether. This is where you need to be careful, since a faulty installation might render the antenna less effective, or worse, even end up damaging the product. There are simply too many details to take care of, from assembling the antenna to installing the parts properly and ensuring the wiring has been perfectly done. This is why it is always good to get professional help. Leave it to the experts and you can rest assured the task will be done properly. Ask the dealer when you buy the antenna, about installation services. More often than not, they will be offering that service as well. Did you always think your TV was taking up too much space in your living room? Now is the perfect time to solve that problem as well. Professionals handling installation of aerials are often also able to offer services like TV wall mounting . So, be sure to have a talk with them before getting the antenna installed. Chances are, you can save a lot of space by mounting your TV on the wall securely, while placing the set top box below it, on a small table, perhaps. What’s best is that you may actually end up paying less on a .bined service contract. It certainly doesn’t hurt to ask, does it? About the Author: 相关的主题文章: