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Wine: some misunderstanding, I need to explain the heavier the better wine? Vintage wine to drink after the hangover? Would you like champagne with a champagne flute?…… Are you confused about the "rules" of so many wines? In fact, many rules are not so absolute. 1, red wine with meat, white wine with fish? The combination of wine and food more often depends on the richness of the flavor than the type of wine. Heavy wine needs to be accompanied by heavy food, and vice versa. If Steamed Perch collocation a thick Silas or Chilean Cabernet Sauvignon Wine is certainly not appropriate; and the taste is thick fish (such as tuna or swordfish) can red body is light Wine and a wine (such as Bo Ruo, Italy Bardolino Beaujolais Nouveau wine or Fry Pato Wine) perfect collocation. In addition, Salmon Fried collocation Pinot Noir extremely delicious, COD and Italy red Wine also very well. So, if you’re ready for a Greek style boiled mutton, lemon juice, oregano and olive, you also can consider a collocation from Santorini Island (Santorini) of the oak Athill Te (Assyrtico) Wine white. 2, the heavier the wine bottle, the more impressive, on behalf of wine is better? This is not the case! Heavier, more impressive bottle, can only represent the winemaker’s self-awareness is more intense. 3, vintage wine to sober up? Don’t worry, not all of the old wine to sober up. Some expensive Wine sometimes can sober up better, the concentrated flavor and firm tannins after a period of time in contact with air will become more open and smooth. But for some age too long Wine, like steak, has reached the most appropriate maturity, if sober, may have the opposite effect. For vintage wine, my advice is to open the bottle after a few hours before drinking. You can also pour some wine in the cup, to seal the bottle immediately after tasting a cup of wine, and then wait for about 10 minutes, and then taste, so you will know whether it needs to sober up. 4, Beaujolais Wine body slender, old-fashioned style, no need to drink? Beaujolais Nouveau grape harvest in immediately after brewing, after a few months on the market, to provide the best Wine than the area of the. So, such as the above remarks Beaujolais Nouveau is understandable. But don’t forget, from 10 high-quality village Beaujolais (such as Morgon, Julienas and Fleurie) of the Wine taste complex, excellent quality, but the price is relatively low. 5, with a screw top bottle is sealed Wine is unlikely to be corked? It’s not so absolute. Lead arch-criminal corked is a kind of chemical substance called "TCA", it can infect the entire winery. Once, I and a winemaker in Australia Barossa (Barossa Valley) in a restaurant, there is a bottle of red Wine with obvious corked, so she went nuts for the bottle cover in the garbage box, to obtain the Wine batch information, to Wine of surplus the batch test..相关的主题文章: