Woman can do to Palau – tourism Sohu borderland

Woman can do to Palau – although the most wonderful tourism Sohu of Palau’s part in the water, but don’t ignore the land of the beauty Oh, 1-2 days on the road to understand the culture and customs of the Pacific Islands! The ancient stone group Badrulchau is located in the northernmost island of ngarchelong, in a hilly coastal steppe zone, littered with more than and 50 giant statue of Xuan Wushi, a female appearance, also has the ape shape, there are two male genital cover statue, this is the ancient stone group of palau. Tickets are 5 dollars. These pillars are said to be used to support the men’s parliament, the pillars carved on the face of the gods. However, compared to the stone portrait is more attractive to me. Met a local girl, shy and cute. Long Beach State Park only Palau National Park, although called National Park, but actually only a small region of the sea. Free tickets. There is a natural beach, barbecue stove, as well as some recreational facilities, local people are a good place for leisure. The water is clear, see the color of the small shellfish and fish in the swimming near the shore can be. The sea is the rainbow sea, because the sea shades, but also because of the clear water, unreservedly reflected the sea color. How many colors can you see in a small park near the residential area? Before the man hall Abai House, Palau is a matriarchal society, a man tired, beaten scolded, will gather together to complain, and then the man hall. Now the man hall has lost the traditional uses, become the cultural attractions of palau. Tickets $2, no time to buy. The appearance of the man hall belongs to Palau traditional long shaped house, triangular roof, coconut leaf covered wooden structure, spacious interior, the central fire station. Behind every painting pattern hall, has a unique story or special meaning, and the rooster on behalf of god. The little boy represents the Uber Uab myth legend, there was once a favorite boy, Zuber, because of his amazing appetite, violent character, so the villagers when he was sleeping, he will be tied up and set fire to him. Uber in his sleep, try to struggle, finally the body broken, now become Palau. I heard the woman into the door will be the stone, so I do not go into the dead. The KB bridge in Palau only cross sea bridge, connecting with Koror island. The bridge was originally built by the South Korean KB, called Korea Bridge, after the collapse of Japan and Palau cooperation reconstruction. For Koror and Babelthuap? – BABEI darpoo Koror Island, so named as KB. Here is the most beautiful place to enjoy the Sunset Park, under the bridge is often the local people party, known as the garden of palau. This is actually a private Perrier Bay Hotel in the Gulf, Perrier Perrier, can enjoy all the time. The water floating platform is a pavilion with playing undersea walk next to the original bar, was vacant, want to see the sea view record相关的主题文章: