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Women do not wear Bra there are so many benefits? In the meaning of Bra, on the flat chest and chest girl, may. One anti embarrassment, one anti sag. However, whether it is large or chest flat chest, almost 80% of the women returned home the first thing is to take off: Bra! Nine small shy nature also belong to these 80% women, if not to go out, the small nine can always at home "vacuum" fun to sing a song: lost Bra lost trouble…… In fact, on the bra, sister said. 1, the bra in fact, the role of the bra is not the biggest selling point of the breast is to support the breasts do not sag. However, this is not really supported by science. On the contrary, in a study of what conthey of France, Jean Denis · professor for 15 years; rouillon tracked 300 women, found that they both wear Bra, is the same degree of breast ptosis. However, the Professor Lu finally said, this conclusion does not represent all women. If the chest is relatively flat, the supporting function of Bra on the breast is not wear. But for big chest sister, do not wear really droop. Details can refer to the women of the African tribes in the chest, do not wear a cover, natural, and then into 2 bags. My sister more poor milk, so Bra for most of the girls, there is no obvious advantage, no special harm. Moreover, Bra is not a panacea, because of gravity, breast ptosis is sooner or later, this is the power of nature, can not be avoided, unless to breast augmentation, bra is the most drooping delay time. 2, do not wear bra can promote blood circulation for most women, Bra is a constraint, especially the wrong choice of Bra, feel poor breathing, blood impassability, shoulder neck pain…… In short, is a lot of unhappy, so hurry home to take it off. Although I have seen a lot of popular science selected Bra articles, many girls still choose not. Even more than 70% of women, wearing bra size is not correct. In fact, this is normal, sister thousands of people, each person’s size may not be the same, want to choose the right Bra, difficult. While wearing tight fitting Bra, will naturally lead to back pain, neck pain, breast pain, difficulty breathing, blood circulation, and even lead to irritable bowel syndrome. So, in order to their own health, wear long enough in the daytime, night time off as far as possible. Let the chest relax, before going to bed can also massage the breast, promote blood circulation. 3, do not wear bras can make people feel better off bra is for what? Is not to fly self! How do you feel? It is very fun, from the body to the heart! The more unhappy, at that moment off Bra also come to nothing. When it comes to this small, nine suddenly remembered a rumor there, said to be wearing Bra will lead to breast cancer. This is wrong about it, related scientific research so far do not support between underwear and breast cancer. Although a large sample of women who wore Bra was 2 times more likely to develop breast cancer than women who did not wear it, the study was conducted in postmenopausal women. Further analysis showed that the difference was due to the prevalence of menopausal women who wore Bra!相关的主题文章: