Xiamen today the city’s 98% users to restore power supply basically restored water tonight mmhouse

Today Xiamen city’s 98% users to restore power to restore the water supply in the city today tonight – 98% users will return to power tonight in the city basically restore the water supply – BRT bus, taxi, full recovery operation of XiaMen Railway Station in about 1 months to restore traffic – the municipal government issued a series of post disaster reconstruction policy by the strong typhoon attacks in Xiamen, how to recover faster her face? Yesterday morning, the 117th executive meeting of the Xiamen municipal government announced the introduction of disaster reconstruction policies. Last night, the Xiamen municipal government held against the typhoon "Meranti" third press conference, municipal government Secretary General Liao Huasheng informed of the progress of rescue work and the next step of work, and the relevant policies of post disaster reconstruction. Liao Huasheng said in the briefing, due to the typhoon landing, the municipal government attaches great importance to the decisive organization of personnel transfer, the city transferred a total of 47336 people, to achieve the goal of minimizing the loss. The relief of primary and secondary roads to restore traffic, today to cancel the line last night, Liao Huasheng reported that the typhoon Xiamen power facilities suffered a devastating blow, resulting in most areas of the city suffered water and electricity, the city traffic was paralyzed. According to reports, a typhoon hit Xiamen, that 566 companies were affected, including some key enterprises in the Pacific, Xiagong, ABB have suffered heavy losses. All Xiamen damaged houses reached 17907, including a large number of shed collapse. The typhoon caused Xiamen, 105 thousand acres of crops damaged, the direct economic losses amounted to 10 billion 200 million yuan, the death tolls of 1 people. For disaster recovery, Liao Huasheng introduction, the typhoon caused the city’s 622 thousand tolls power, as of yesterday evening, the city has 503 thousand households to restore power, today will reach 98% users to restore power. At the same time, as of 19 PM, the city’s water supply facilities have been basically restored to 5. The city a total of 1 million 450 thousand users, of which 1 million 388 thousand and 400 water supply has been restored, as of midnight today and 30 thousand households will restore the water supply, water supply mainly did not recover in Tongan higher area, the city basically restore the water supply is expected tonight. In addition, there is a small part of the restoration of water supply, mainly due to the impact of two water supply and power supply area. It is understood that the communication, the city has more than 90% of the area to restore communication. At the same time, through the night wrecker, the city’s primary and secondary roads traffic has been restored, will cancel the limit line from today, BRT bus, taxi, full recovery operation. Train, Liao Huasheng said, due to serious damage to the equipment, XiaMen Railway Station temporarily closed. Due to the XiaMen Railway Station to the XiaMen North Railway Station between the motor car power tower collapsed, all the cars are adjusted to XiaMen North Railway Station, probably 1 months to recover the XiaMen Railway Station. At present, the 103 gas stations in Xiamen, there are already 100 to refuel, there are still a few days to recover the 3. In addition, there are only 2 schools in the city there are power supply problems, the other has returned to normal, the hospital all returned to normal. Also, vegetables, meat, aquatic products and other agricultural products on the market in Xiamen has been fully restored to normal supply. At the press conference, Liao Huasheng also revealed that the typhoon hit Xiamen, the construction of the subway project has not been received;相关的主题文章: