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Xie Zhengyi: the big project — people.com.cn Jiangsu windows — people.com.cn original title related to long-term development of Yangzhou: one not to build big channel Dangdang strict in demands one by one on the 4 day, the construction party secretary Xie Zhengyi Research Department of South Bay Road, city fast channel, major transport infrastructure projects, during the national Day holiday and condolences still fighting in the front line of the builders. He stressed that we should conscientiously implement the spirit of the Seventh National Congress, around the "ten things", an important node on time, don’t let one, one by one, when the strict in demands big channel, which is related to the transformation and upgrading of the city of Yangzhou and the long-term development of the big project. Xie Zhengyi has come to the Bay Road in Wenchang Road, river bridge, the Bay channel fast channel, the development of the South Road across the Grand Canal Bridge, Xiangyang River Bridge, even Huaiyang Town Railway and other major transportation infrastructure project construction site, inspected the project progress, cordial greetings to the builders during the festival still stick on the job. In Wenchang Road, Golden Bay Road underground passage under through the river wide fusion zone to the north and South aorta, plans next year "4? 18" opened. Xie Zhengyi requested the construction unit to further improve the degree of organization, seize the golden period of construction, centralized power, scientific scheduling, work overtime to ensure the timely completion of the project, will build a pilot project, ecological science and Technology Park demonstration projects, the city’s symbol, engineering masterpieces. Fast channel south of downtown rapid passenger transport channel, Yangzhou is the 2500 anniversary of the city to celebrate the first major project after the municipal government decision to start, also meet provincial transport "the number one project, the project is progressing smoothly. Xie Zhengyi has come to the 6 section, 5 section and 3 section of the site condolences are working overtime to project builders. "You have given up holidays for urban construction, the municipal Party committee, the municipal government and the people of Yangzhou thank you." Xie Zhengyi hope that the construction units and builders continue to play the spirit of continuous fighting, in the premise of ensuring the quality and safety of construction, seize the golden autumn period, accelerate the construction progress. In the Xiangyang River Bridge, Xie justice and builders shook hands, and hope that the good effect they carry forward the special hardship, to sacrifice, to fight, for the early completion of projects, output, for the development of Yangzhou City, living color. Even the progress in the construction of Yangzhou railway town Huaiyang smoothly, the key period has entered the middle construction at present. Xie Zhengyi on behalf of the municipal Party committee and municipal government to pay the hard work of the builders of the fourteen Railway Bureau thanked the builders want to speed up the construction, so that the people of Yangzhou high-speed rail look forward to the early realization. In the investigation, Xie Zhengyi pointed out that the South Bay Road, city fast channel, those in the construction of major transport infrastructure projects is to achieve high channel city rapid transit, open city framework and pattern, but also to promote the transformation and upgrading of Yangzhou City, to promote the "one body with two wings", cross river development and fusion Ningzhenyang city. And the large artery to achieve joint development along the Yangtze River and the area along the river, but also to ensure that in 2018 the Provincial Games, as well as the 2021 World Horticultural Exposition Province Park will focus on the success of the Yangzhou project, to be fully aware of these major traffic infrastructure construction projects in Yangzhou)相关的主题文章: