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Xinjiang Hami: "Hami" postal plane flight to Guangdong (Figure) – Beijing new network in Hami in September 12, (Gao Zijian) the afternoon of September 12th, a "secret" loading Hami ancient "dense" jujube, Hami tribute melon "Hami" postal plane from Hami Airport in Xinjiang Guangdong will set sail voyage. Arrived at Shenzhen airport at 13 am. Xinjiang Hami City five town Illinois area are their pick dates. Li Hua photo plane carried a total of 5 tons of "dense" ancient Hami jujube (2 tons of fresh jujube, jujube 3 tons), 10 tons of "dense" Hami boutique late tribute melon, were produced from five in Hami town Illinois district and Yiwu County of Hami City, NOM Town, all day picking, packing, day when the day. In the Mid Autumn Festival, through the postal distribution network, so that consumers in a timely manner from Xinjiang Guangdong taste the sweetest and most fresh fruits, sweet celebrate the mid autumn festival. Hami Airport, Xinjiang, the staff are handling the Hami melon. Kou Xuanming photo Hami jujube is Xinjiang native red dates in only historical records, dating back at least 1300 years of history. As early as in the Han Dynasty, five town Hami City Illinois district is the name of the Western sow melons and fruits. In September 12th, Hami Airport in Xinjiang, the staff are handling a pack of Hami jujube. Photo by Kou Xuanming Chinese Academy of Agricultural Sciences, northwest agricultural crops all experimental center, Xinjiang Medical University School of public health for many years of nutritional and medicinal value of Hami jujube, determination analysis confirmed that Hami jujube is rich in 18 kinds of essential amino acids, but also rich in iron, zinc, calcium, cadmium, chromium, palladium and other nutrients and rare elements. The content of camp in Hami jujube for jujube in the thousands of times of fruit. The content of VC is several times higher than the other varieties of red dates. Xinjiang city Hami District Five Town Illinois jujube picking dates. Li Hua photo "this year’s Hami jujube quality is very good." In the "dense" ancient jujube, "secret" Hami melon tribute aboard sail ceremony, five town Hami City District of Illinois farmer Abdul Geym? SAKEL said excitedly, "today we see the date" riding "aircraft" fly "to the mainland, let mainland people’s taste, my heart very excited, this is for US farmers to open up a very good channel." Xinjiang Hami City five town Illinois area down the village in picking up their Jork mature landing Hami jujube. Cai Zengle taken 5 tons of the transport plane for dense Hami ancient Hami jujube jujube per kilogram of fresh jujube Guangdong delivery price of 30 yuan or more, jujube distribution price of 50 yuan or more, farmers income up to 4500 yuan per mu, mu income above 1000 yuan. As one of the origin of Yiwu County Nao melon three region Mao Town, is Xinjiang’s largest high-quality late maturing melon cultivation base, the late maturing melon shape plump, sugar content in an average of more than 15%, up to 20%. The plane transported 10 tons of late maturing melon fruit quality price 98 yuan, the average income per mu watermelon million yuan, compared with the previous year revenue doubled. Deputy general manager of Xinjiang postal company Abudouxiku? Mamat introduction, Xinjiang post has been in the past few years of agricultural production)相关的主题文章: