Xu Jiayin floating profit 15 billion 600 million yuan to sell the house accidentally into a new Warr-autobots

Xu Jiayin floating profit 15 billion 600 million yuan to sell the house accidentally into a new Warren on stocks, Xu boss has to take the three quarter import 28 stocks, the current Xu Jiayin floating profit 15 billion 600 million yuan to sell the house accidentally into the new Warren A shares has never been short of Warren, the latest addition of a new cross-border Warren – Xu Jiayin house the three quarterly report published shows that Xu Jiayin’s Evergrande Department has import 29 A shares and three new board stocks, floating profit reached a staggering 15 billion 600 million yuan! Listed in Hongkong, China Hengda, semi annual report to earn 7 billion 137 million, Xu boss in A shares toss for half a year, the revenue is much higher than the sale of the house. Hengda play quasi game this week the most auspicious placards Meiyan or 47.7% half a year later, Meiyan once again usher in the outbreak of auspicious stock. Last year, when the crash, because the national team to buy a large number of consecutive limit. This time, the auspicious and ushered in a new one. — Xu Jiayin. 25, the auspicious trading, in the evening, the auspicious announced in the three quarter, Hengda life has become the largest shareholder, the shareholding ratio of 4.95%, approaching placards line. 26 days, 27 days, auspicious and Meiyan two consecutive trading yesterday, intraday limit the impact, eventually closing down 1.21%. With the price of 8.08 yuan calculation, this week, the largest increase Meiyan auspicious reached 47.7%. Hengda stocks is clearly not only the auspicious. Yesterday, ieslab three quarterly show, Hengda life combination of A and B, together hold about 4.96% of the shares, approaching placards line. In addition, Xu boss also by Hengda of universal life combination of B and traditional A combination of the two products, holds a 4.96% stake in Jinzhou pipeline, national technology 4.95% of the shares, the 4.95% pillars of the new material company. It is worth noting that the three quarterly bulletin of national technology show, Hengda life’s traditional combination of A and universal combination of B were held at stake of 2.94% and 2.01%, respectively, second, third. While Hengda life through its combination of two products together hold a stake in national technology has reached 4.95%, the proportion of the country’s largest shareholder of technology beyond the interests of Liu Yiqian’s 4.38%. Some investors believe that 4.95%, is a magical percentage, into the attack can be returned to defend and maximize the benefits of the line. Because once reached 5% of the placards line, buy or sell to the announcement, which is obviously not conducive to Hengda Department trader. Do not provide convenience for holding placards line act to increase or decrease the action mechanism, the shareholders can always sell shares without the lock period, nor the formation of short-term trading. Throughout the life of Hengda investment layout design group, the national technology and is now more auspicious Meiyan, are in no actual control of the state. Hengda should be picked up a number of dispersed equity companies, quietly layout. Because of the existence of such a possibility: some other barbarians to find the object, but also the dispersed ownership of listed companies, it is easy to trigger a rush to raise war, the stock soared. Public information display, in November last year, Hengda Group to 3 billion 939 million yuan acquisition of New Oriental life of a large stake in the life of, changed its name to Hengda life. From the first half of this year相关的主题文章: