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You and the delicacy blogger is 1000 ins filter lead: as a senior chowhound you, is not to change the habit will take pictures before eating? The ins account is! But why do they take so much appetite? Here are a few of the most recommended New York food bloggers, learn from them! (source: Yue has network) concerned about the public number, there are cavity tune, see more exciting original content! Ins account: Diana Eats NYC Dee Diana is a graphic designer and illustrator. She transformed from an abstract artist in Michigan to a gourmet artist in Manhattan. Every day, she notes, New York’s food risk is another creative expression". From her INS on the Mochi ice cream and Green Tea soba, is not difficult to find her in fulfilling her said responsibility. Moreover, she has the title of a phrase with a double meaning so good, you’re laughing on the hungry. Ins account: Stuff Ben Eats since the opening of the Instagram account, Ben Hon love of food can be described as growing. He grew up in a restaurant, he hopes to be able to spread the small family business through the social platform to every corner of the world. "I want the photos to convey the food and the efforts it has made," he said. He has a wide variety of food on Instagram, from French fries to mango sauce. "When my food is able to attract people to come and visit me, I will be encouraged to continue to take pictures of better food and burst into new ideas." Ins More Dish Alexandra Romanoff account: One thinks he is a gourmet. From the content of her photos, this is indeed true: full screen are bagels, pasta, pizza, etc.. With more than 40 thousand fans, she undertook to New York they tasted all the latest delicacy of responsibility. And she will deliver the goods, these foods make delicious tempting. Ins account: DevourPower this account is jointly managed by Greg Remmey and Rebecca West. Established more than two years, has accumulated more than 200 thousand fans. They continue to explore all worth a try and delicacy restaurant enthusiasm, for in New York to provide the chowhound. Ins account: New Fork City account is composed of three New York girls: Natalie, Emily, Gillian jointly maintained. They had a passion for food and photography since high school, because the ins account created by the passion has attracted 650 thousand followers in the past three years. They operate accounts at the same time, but also with his friends and family to visit New York city. Although now go to different colleges, but as long as they get together, this account will have dedicated new content for fans and fans of delicacy. Ins account: EatingNYC as a native of New York"相关的主题文章: