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Shopping-and-Product-Reviews Sweepstakes is a kind of game that resembles lottery. Usually, huge prize money is kept for the winner of the game. Nowadays with the advent of online sweepstakes, cash prize money has almost be.e a thing of the past. Online sweepstakes are a great source to get free gift cards. Free gift cards have also gained immense popularity for their utility and for their convenience to carry. Apart from sweepstakes, there are many other ways from where you can get free gift cards. But you have to be the winner of the game in order to receive the free gift cards as a prize. Most of the online sweepstakes have prizes for people till ten positions and various denominations of gift cards are given away as prizes to the winners. Since identities can easily be faked online, thus cash prize money is avoided to ensure that there is no fraud case. Some online sweepstakes also provide gift coupons, vouchers, discount coupons, movie tickets, or a booking card at a special restaurant and so on. Apart from sweepstakes, enlisted below are some of the sources that might help you to get free gift cards: Free raffle and free crapple Free raffle and a free crapple are also games, which have some similarity to sweepstakes and can help to get free gift cards easily. Usually a raffle is a ticket with a number on it. On the day of the game, copies of all the tickets are put in a bowl and a draw is made. The lucky ticket and the lucky number that gets picked up wins the prize. Like sweepstakes , free raffle and free crapple can also be played online and if you are the lucky winner, you might get free gift cards as prizes. In raffle and crapple too, a single winner is not declared. Prizes are given to minimum three lucky winners. These games have be.e popular all over the world and are also considered legal in many countries. You can easily try your hand once with free raffle and crapple and get free gift cards as prize. Accumulating credit card points There is hardly any person today who does not use credit cards. Infact, today almost everything runs on credit. But using your credit card frequently might give you a chance to get free gift cards for yourself or for your friends and family. Every time you use your credit card for buying stuffs or making payments of any kind, some credit card points get accumulated against the usage. On accumulation of points to a certain extent, you can easily redeem the points and get free gift cards. Like sweepstakes, there is no luck factor involved in this. The more the usage of credit card, more the point accumulation and more are your possibilities to get free gift cards. Apart from these sources, you can easily participate in various kinds of surveys and marketing events both online and offline and you have high chances to get free gift cards as a token of appreciation. Your medical prescription and bills can also help you to get free gift cards. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: