your Tv Can Make Money For You, If You Turn It Off ~ Brian

Self-Improvement Brain Tracy says it right in this really good one liner. I had a good chuckle when I heard it on one of his audio books. Basically the message that he was trying to share was that it is important for us to get involved in activities that engage our minds. Most televisions programs feed our minds with garbage and it is so important to choose the right television program to watch. I personally like programs like CSI but I don’t watch much of them because they don’t really feed my mind with good quality information. There are people who spend hours after hours in front of the box just wasting their lives away, thinking it is entertainment. Yes watching a good movie every now and again for entertainment value can be fun, but hours on end on a daily basis? If you look around you, people who spend a lot of time in front of the television are mostly people who find no meaning in life, or they are simply giving up on life, and they are also most of the time in lack consciousness. Television is used by many people to forget about their problems and as a form of escape. I know of an individual who would rather spend hours watching television than to use the time to think of ways to earn more money or get a job even though he is in a very tight money situation. It is funny how people’s priorities can be so off the course. Watching television as you know, is not the only activity that causes brain numbness. Many other activities can do the same too such as .puter games, youtube surfing, facebooking mindlessly, and even gossiping with friends! And in our current technological age, it has made it so much easier to brain numb. So imagine if we decide to turn off the television set, or be free from mindless internet surfing for a few hours each day, how much more time do we have to nourish our minds? And imagine how this nourishment your gold mine that is at your disposal to be used whenever you need it for your life’s purpose and to serve others in bigger and better ways. Developing your goal mine versus numbing the brain, the choice seems obvious but to too many it isn’t. Your Assignment This Week: 1. Work out how many hours of brain numbing activities you engage in each week. 2. Think of a personal development course you have always been wanting to do or book you have always wanted to read. 3. Replace the brain numbing activities with activities that will stimulate your mind! Repeat this. And within a matter of weeks, you will see a big difference in your perspective of life. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: