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Zhenhai is a legendary Library of sina micro-blog | tourism in 2016 09 13 August 15:14 in Zhenhai, who love reading, that this place must be you yearn for. – autumn snow cottage this mysterious attic, lived a called "first person" Zhejiang folk collection old Bao Zhijiang, and his collection of 25000 books in a lifetime. With the library in autumn snow Lu, Lu in the floor of the. The book is famous Zhejiang Xiaogang Lijia descendants of Wang Yingzi, according to the old package description, she is the generation of writer Lu Xun "Mr. Liu Hezhen" a memorial of the heroine in Liu Hezhen’s classmates. I still remember a word from this article, "not in the silence of the outbreak, in the silence of death!". With a floor of words from "Qin Han Poetry" in pre Qin Jin and southern and Northern Dynasties "Poems of song": "Qingyun? Xi, unadorned unadorned correcting Xi; sun Guanghua, Fudan Xi dan……" It refers to an ancient color filled with auspicious clouds of gas, shine with great splendor. With the library building rich, including for the package Zhijiang lifetime, 3 different versions of the twenty four histories; pre Qin period to the Ming Dynasty, Tang poetry, contains the full, North and south, three times; a full set of Song Yuan; copy version of 99 thousand volumes of sikuquanshu. In addition, there are modern literati essays and biographies of celebrities, including Cai Yuanpei, Hu Shi anthology Volume 18 collection of 48 volumes, and the history of the hardcover plexus. With the collection value is the highest building of book, very precious. The total number of its 7800 volume, the time span of 600 years, since the Hongwu of the Ming Dynasty to early Republic of china. These include 7 manuscripts. The possession of Tianyi Pavilion bound books 147. With Bao Zhijiang’s life and the book soon, each book is the witness of life experience. When an old tree told him about a "G.D." story, such as Zhijiang bag filled with wisdom, plunge into the sea. In order to save money to pocket Taoshu, often from Zhenhai to Ningbo East at the foot of the 64 mile commute, save 1 yuan 4 angle 2 points to buy books. You can imagine, 40 years ago, the traffic inconvenience, hard life, low low price, attract young Mr. Bao again and again through the rural dirt road, only to the Amoy few meaningful books. After the life package old man experienced twists and turns, still persisted, "business to the book, wander alone in the road in Taoshu library…… With Bao Zhijiang because of the inconvenience, his teacher advanced in age, autumn snow cottage generally closed. We recommend that you do not disturb the life of love and support the old book, but you can quietly in the library door photo source: [Sina] Zhenhai tourism tourism statement this license without authorization, any units and individuals shall not be reproduced excerpts or otherwise use.相关的主题文章: