Zhongshan Avenue, Wuhan, at the end of the street will open the young people to build the core busin 月丘うさぎ

Wuhan Zhongshan road Jianghan Road Street will open by the end of young people to build the core business district of the new public park for Zhongshan Avenue street "look, this is the South Korean new hat, I try to help you." Yesterday, the new public park two floor sell accessories to the boss warm not many customers. Zhongshan Avenue "street" for two years, although businesses along the depression, but have not been idle, maozuliaojin investment, upgrading and adjustment, waiting for the end of the year open street, reproduce the core values of the brilliant. Mid Autumn Festival small holiday, the reporter visited the size of the Zhongshan Avenue Jianghan Road merchants, merchants who still stick to this shopping district full of confidence. The new public park to reproduce the "big stage" and now the rise of the New District, the main community business opportunities in Jianghan Road region, the business is still determined — Jianghan Road is "the core values of young people to love". "Playing around two years, passenger traffic fell 40%." Ocean Department Store Manager Zou admits, "but we have been adjusted, respond to environmental changes and commercial weather ‘or’". Reporters went into the ocean department store, two floor to the four floor, the brand of almost all of the heavy, invested $about 50000000 in more than and 200." He said, then, a building to "operation", because the first floor is the front, so more cautious, before they can complete the open street. In addition to brand adjustment, all online payment methods can be achieved, all counters can be closed, which is the first case in the city’s commercial body. "We and the owners signed a 10 year since 2014." He said he was still full of confidence. 79 year old central department store to the trend of fast fashion in the end. The Department also said that there are fish in the river, the river will have shrimp. Zhongshan avenue after the opening, the popularity will be greatly increased. In addition to the previous hundred international tide brand, will also come up with the entire 4 floor to expand the new tide card." And next to the construction scaffolding workers busy scene is different, the new public paradise is a new look. Nearly a hundred years old memories, people park hidden old Wuhan, ordinary voice, live people have gathered here, it has changed its name 12 times, times change. "I spent six years at the new people’s Park, the most difficult time of the last two years." More than 10 o’clock yesterday morning, not many customers in the new public park, two floor corridor selling accessories boss said, now are regulars, open street, hope of better business. Cade & commercial central area; said the general manager of the Northeast District Yuan Jiahua interview, the upgrading of Zhongshan Avenue, for hundreds of years people park is good. Cade new public park of the main shop at a cost of 35 million Huanyi studios for the overall transformation, the new two hall, IMAX hall will replace the metal giant screen leading. Add the theme of the third floor dining area, the introduction of a variety of topics of strong, high value of the world’s food, etc.. The "big stage" will also reproduce the new public park, and the combination of traditional culture and modern culture, such as: modern drama, movie magic, various concerts will become the mainstream. "Our target group is positioned as a mental age of 18 – to 28 year old young customers, such customers will have a young business district, Jianghan Road brigade.相关的主题文章: