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Zhuzhou is a giant cactus than two adults also plateau Title: Zhuzhou discovered a giant cactus is higher than two adults is cactus succulents, quite common in our life, but a few meters of the cactus, you probably only seen documentary. In Zhuzhou Shifeng District, there is a giant cactus, also higher than two adults. Reporters came to the small mountain Shifeng District, found the public house of Ye Xijie. A cactus stood in the yard, far from looking like a tree, and in the top of the cactus, also grow a few bud, soon to blossom. Ye Xijie introduction, this cactus is a son back in 2009, when only a few dozen centimeters high. To the yard, cactus dally up. A five meters height leaf Xi Jie cactus stood side, about 1/3 of the height of cactus. Reporters calculated that the cactus is about four meters high. Ye Xijie introduction, the cactus grows very fast, she is afraid of being blown down, also specially made with an iron bar support. The cactus grow so high, is not what the secret of plant leaf Xi Jie? Actually not. Ye Xijie: this one do not water, two do not, and sometimes put together something to pour a little water." Reporters learned that access to information, the cactus is called "Peru Tianlun column", originating in the southeast coast of South America, based in Brazil, the highest can grow up to 8 meters. There are a lot of people to the leaf Xi Jie ask price, want to buy this line big cactus, but ye Xi Jie refused. Ye Xijie: some people want to buy, where there is a small, (you are selling a small to them) Yes, ah, to sell small, (big do not sell it) to keep the big play to stay." The reporter consulted a succulent greenhouse responsible person understands, in Zhuzhou, "Peru Tianlun column" is not a lot, but the price is not very high, generally 50-80 cm high column wheel market price at 20-30 yuan. (source: Zhuzhou TV legal channel) video recommendation: giant version of the magic cactus foot 3 people with high yellow相关的主题文章: